Guide to a Flawless Self-Tan

If you’re new to using self-tan it can be scary, especially if you’ve seen some of the horrifying self-tan mistakes made by celebrities. You might be scared to end up looking like a patched pumpkin. Well, no need to worry when using our PerfectTan Caring Self-Tan series and following this guide, you are in good (not orange) hands.

First off you should choose the correct fade for you. If you’re skin is fair, we recommend going for the PerfectTan Self-Tan Light-Dark. If you naturally are quite tan or if you want a darker tan, you can either use the Light-Dark self-tan for longer time or use our PerfectTan Self-Tan Ultra Dark.

1. Remove unwanted hair and exfoliate thoroughly 6-24h before

Exfoliation removes dead skin cells and dirt, this ensures a flawless tan without streaks and discolouration. Be sure to exfoliate thoroughly where your skin is thickest, such as the elbows, knees and ankles. Exfoliation is recommended 6 to 24 hours before applying self-tan.

We recommend using Exfoliate & Glow Body Scrub for a efficient, but gentle exfoliation, suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin. For even more thorough exfoliation you can use our Exfoliating Mitt.

2. Shower and dry your skin

Clean and dry skin, free from moisturisers and other products, before application helps it to distribute evenly.

3. Apply in sections, going inwards to your torso

Apply the self-tan mousse in sections (using a self-tan mitt to avoid stained palms): such as the forearm and then the upper arm, legs and then the torso. Use circular motions to massage the mousse into your skin. You can use our VelvetLuxe Self-Tan Back Applicator for easy and streak-free application on your back.

4. Blend/fade at your wrists and ankles

Lightly extend the mousse from your wrists to your hands, and from your ankles to your feet, for a natural look. Use a kabuki brush for even application on your hands and feet.

5. Dilute the mousse over your joints

Knees, ankles and elbows tend to have dryer and tougher skin, which absorbs more than the rest of the skin. Diluting the mousse by lightly rub with a damp towel before application.

6. Allow some time to dry and develop

Wait at least 10 minutes before getting dressed, and before showering we recommend wearing loose clothing and try to avoid sweating.

Depending on the fade you use and how dark a tan you want, the tan will start to show as a light-medium tan after 4 hours. See the bottle for shade indication.

7. Rinse of guide colour and excess product

Shower in warm water to remove the bronze guide colour and excess product, and gently pat the skin dry.

8. Enjoy your perfect tan!

Our PerfectTan Self-Tan series contain moisturizing and nourishing ingredients, so you are now ready to show off your flawless tan. How long the tan lasts depend on how often you shower. In general, it will fade away after 5-7 days, if you wish to remove it earlier you can use TanEraser Caring Self-Tan remover to gently, but effectively remove self-tan.

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