About Us

VIRENA is a new cosmetic and skincare brand from Norway, with high quality products and the wish to help empower women.

What is VIRENA about?

VIRENA is developed by a woman for women, with the idea to create quality cosmetics and skincare products that can compete with the quality of the big brands, however to an affordable price.

The product formulas are developed in Norway with a team made up of some of EU’s best cosmetic and skincare consultants, and produced according to GMP.

Our VIRENA beauty and skincare products

The developing process was a long one, we had so many sample rounds with tweaks and ingredient changes, until we finally were happy with the end-result, including immidate and long-term effect, feel and look of all the products.

We are excited to finally share our products with you!

Empowering women

We wish to help women become independent and find a place in the business world, and so on being able to empower other women as well.

The way to do this is we have developed quality cosmetics and skincare products which are able to compete with the big brands, but to a more affordable price.

The key is our unique business model. We wish every woman welcome to become a VIRENA Ambassador: You get your own VIRENA webstore and will earn commissions on every sale, the best part is it’s totally free to join! All you have to do is promote your store and our products.

Read more about the VIRENA Ambassador program

Become a VIRENA Ambassador

  • It's totally free, no need to buy the products in advance
  • Your own, personalized VIRENA webstore
  • Earn good money with commissions up to 20%
  • We take care of fulfillment, storage, delivery and customer care