Self-Tan face drops: How to achieve a natural-looking face tan

Tanning drops are a must for a natural-looking face tan. You can adjust it for your needs: apply it now and then for a lighter tan and subtle glow, or use daily to gradually build a darker and natural-looking tan. mYou can use it by itself or mix with your favourite Virena face moisturiser. With these easy steps you’ll have a beautiful face tan in no time!

1. Exfoliation is key

Exfoliation is key to make the perfect skin surface for self-tanning. We recommend to exfoliate 6-24h before application. Why not try our Exfoliate & Glow Self-Heating face mask?

2. Mix with your favourite moisturiser or use by itself

Mix a few drops with moisturiser for a subtle glow and gradually build a natural face tan: Take the amount of moisturiser you usually use into your palm or a small cup, make a small well in the middle and place a few drops in, mix and stir well. Apply evenly and make sure to blend well in the hairline, around the nose and ears. Use a spoolie brush (mascara brush) to avoid the colour settling into your eyebrows.

Use by itself for a darker tan: Use a kabuki brush and apply a few drops, use circular motions and make sure to get even coverage on your face and blend in down your neck. Blend well in the hairline, and around your nose and ears. Use a spoolie brush (mascara brush) to avoid the colour settling into your eyebrows.

Apply a few drops to the Kabuki Brush and gently apply to your face and neck, blend well around ears and hairline.

Use as often as you want

The beauty about face tan drops is that you can use them as often, much or little, as you want. This depends on the look you want to achieve. If the goal is to look like you’ve been on vacation, you can use them every day. If you’re going for a more subtle glow, you can use them once or twice a week.

Our PerfectTan Caring Self-Tan Face Drops are especially formulated to be gentle on the face, as well as they are filled with moisturising and nourishing ingredients to hydrate, soften and soothe your skin.