Self-Tan Kabuki Brush

A kabuki brush is the perfect tool for an easy, even and seamless application of self-tan on difficult and smaller areas such as hands, feet and face.


100% vegan friendly.


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  • Ensures a perfect self-tan, without discolouring your palms or fingertips
  • Blends self-tanning seamlessly on the neck, hairline, around the nose, mouth and ears
  • Hardy kabuki brush with wooden handle and delicate, fine bristles

Take care of your brush

Wash immediately after use for a long-lived brush.

Hand wash in warm water and let the brush fully dry before placing back into the bag.


Bristle: 100% nylon

Handle: 100% wood

Vegan friendly and suitable for all skin types

  • For all skintypes

  • Not tested on animals

  • Alcohol free

  • Free of allergens

  • Developed by experts

  • Laboratory-tested