Nourish your skin

Any living creature have basic needs such as food and water, the same goes for the skin. In a sense the skin is a living organism. It needs the right nutrients and moisture to thrive, to be a happy and healthy skin. There are different kinds of skin and they have different needs and struggles.

Find your new favourite face “nourisher” below, it could be our beloved Collagen+ Facial Sheet Mask, or maybe one of our face moisturisers, depending on what your skin needs.

Nourishment to combat wrinkles, acne, pigmentation spots and dull skin

If you wish to prevent and/or reduce signs of aging and acne, and bring back life into your skin, Collagen+ Facial Sheet Mask is the “nourisher” for you!

The mask is made of high quality, lightweight cotton that sticks to your face. It is filled with hydrolyzed collagen to combat wrinkles and fine lines.

The mask also contains vitamin C which gently brighten and even your skin tone, hydrolysed castor oil moisturises your skin and fights acne, pantothenic acid helps to moisturise, heal and smooth your skin. Plus several more ingredients with the same effects.

Are you in need of help with dry, irritated, and maybe sensitive skin?

Our Hydrate & Revive Face Moisturiser is your rescue! This lightweight moisturiser is filled with vitamins, moisturising and soothing ingredients that will revive your skin.

To mention some of the beneficial vitamins: Vitamin B3 provides moisture and reduces signs of environmental damage and age, Vitamin C supports collagen production and even your skin tone, Vitamin E soothes your skin and has moisturising and healing benefits.

The moisturiser also contains a whole bunch of hydrating ingredients such as panthenol, sodium hyaluronate and Aloe Vera, which also has anti-inflammatory properties and soothes irritated skin.

Do you struggle with oily, shiny skin with visible pores?

It can be a struggle to find a moisturiser that mattifies the skin without drying it out, but you have to look no further! Matte & Poreless Face Moisturiser is the nourisher for you.

This moisturiser perfectly combines ingredients that provides moisture and nourishment, while leaving your skin with a matte and soft finish with less visible pores and redness.

It contains several ingredients such as dimetichone and silica, that leaves your skin both feeling and looking smooth, soft and matte. Propylene glycol keeps the moisture in the skin. It’s also enriched with vitamin B3, C and E which has healing benefits and improves the appearance of signs of aging and acne.

Maybe Luxe Facial Kit is something for you?

Luxe Facial Kit lets you pamper yourself with Collagen+ Facial Sheet Mask 5p and Matte & Poreless Face Moisturiser to a discounted price!

Give your skin new life with this pampering kit