Healthy & Glowing Skin

– Exfoliation is key!

Are your skin a little dry and dull? Struggle with impurities and old marks after pimples? You can easily change that with exfoliating your skin, and you will see results after the first try!

The importance of exfoliation

Exfoliating removes dead skin cells through breaking the bonds that “glue” them together, this allows new skin cells to surface. It also unclogs your pores by removing dirt and oils from the deep, which may be missed when using a normal cleanser. This help prevent acne and reduces visible pores.

Exfoliation is also key to achieve a flawless self-tan, as self-tan products sticks more to dead skin cells and without exfoliating you can get a patchy result.

See the difference yourself, this is the result after only one time exfoliating with the Exfoliate & Glow Body Scrub

2 types of exfoliation

There is 2 forms of exfoliation. Physical and Chemical. Physical exfoliation is done by a granular scrub or a rough mitt which physically buffs and abrades the skin, this is a rough treatment and not recommended for sensitive skin.

Chemical exfoliation is done by alpha- and beta-hydroxy acids (AHA and BHA) and is the safest and most gentle way to break the bonds between dead skin cells and unclog pores. These acids also have other benefits such as antibacterial properties, increasing collagen production and reducing hyperpigmentation and scars.

Get your healthy and glowing skin with our Exfoliate & Glow products!

For your body:

Exfoliate & Glow Body Scrub is a solely chemical exfoliating gel made up of natural AHAs and BHAs: lactic, glycolic, citric and tartaric acid. It also contains almond oil, coconut oil and papaya fruit extract which naturally provides moisture to your skin! On top of that is pomegranate extract, wild strawberry extract and aloe vera juice added, which has antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.

Simply put, this exfoliating gel effectively, but gently exfoliates your skin and unclogs your pores, as well as nourishes and provides moisture, leaving you with a healthy, glowing and fresh skin!

If you wish an even more thorough exfoliation, we recommend using our Exfoliating Mitt. The mitt is not recommended for sensitive skin.

For your face:

Exfoliate & Glow Self-Heating Face Mask is a gel based mask consisting of lactic and citric acids that gently, but effectively exfoliates your skin. It is self-heating which open your pores and allows a deep cleanse. In addition it also contains moisturising and soothing ingredients, leaving your face both looking and feeling soft and smooth.

This mask provides moisture, but if you want extra hydration and nourishment for your skin, we recommend Hydrate & Revive Face Moisturiser or Matte & Poreless Face Moisturiser, depending on your needs.

Psst, our Fresh & Renewed Skin Kit consists of Exfoliate & Glow Body Scrub, Exfoliate & Glow Self-Heating Face Mask and our Exfoliating Mitt, plus a discount!